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The internet-based labour information system agri-info

The portal agri-info provides you with information on wages and working conditions in agriculture in Europe. We have done a survey of agricultural trade unions and put the most important data together for you on the following topics:

  • employment situation in agriculture in Europe
  • collectively agreed wages and costs of labour
  • holidays and paid public holidays
  • regulations regarding social security
  • conditions regarding health and safety at work
  • trade union influence
  • socio-economic minimum standards
  • trade union involvement

Hints for use

You can check these topics individually for any country or go to the tab country information to read the complete information for any out the 31 countries covered by the survey.

We have summarised the data in charts in order to allow a comparison. You can access these charts via the topic pages or via the menu sitemap.

You can find further information on the European agricultural trade unions via the links. There are also links to further websites dealing with related topics.

For a number of years there has been a discussion on a European policy on labour conditions. Documents of relevance for the agricultural sector are available under documents.

Numerous trade union workers from the most different countries and trade union cultures have co-operated to create this website. Texts had to be translated, some of them several times. That may lead to a degree of inaccuracy. We appreciate your hints and suggestions.

We have asked experts in the member countries and represented their statements. We have deliberately not interpreted the results, which should be a subject of further political discussion.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this website. We hope it will help the agricultural trade union movement grow together and provide may workers with a comprehensive picture of European trade union work.